Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep reporting in, they're still out there.

Thanks everyone for reporting in on the crimes (break-ins and not) in the area. The information collected so far has proved very valuable. Squarehead may be out of the way (for now), but as we all know, the break-ins continue. We have yet to draw any strong leads, verifiable descriptions of possible perps, etc. Please report in with ANYTHING fishy or if you witness a crime, please share the information.

Has anyone heard of or seen any new break-ins since the spree on Labor Day Weekend?

Monday, September 1, 2008

More work than one can handle

Based on the patterns of window smashings while Squarehead was supposedly locked up, and from unconfirmed reports of two teenage perps walking up and down Front Street casing vehicles, it appears that our work is not yet complete. Plus, while staking out Front Street, hoping to get some photos of the perps in action, a middle-aged African American man (thin, medium skinned, short hair, cleanly dressed, wearing glasses) looked into my car, saw me with my camera and ran around the corner to give a "Caw Caw Caw" call, which I took to be a warning to any would-be smashers. While we may have a big victory in hand with Squarehead facing some time, I urge you all to keep your guard up. We'll get these guys too! Keep the watch.

Squarehead going away for 7?

This from a recent article in the NY Post:

"Darren Stone, 43, whose rap sheet spans 25 years - is facing seven years in prison. Cops used DNA evidence - a rare move in a larceny case - to link Stone to a theft."

Nice work all! We'll report in as soon as we confirm this as true.

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