Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Keep reporting in, they're still out there.

Thanks everyone for reporting in on the crimes (break-ins and not) in the area. The information collected so far has proved very valuable. Squarehead may be out of the way (for now), but as we all know, the break-ins continue. We have yet to draw any strong leads, verifiable descriptions of possible perps, etc. Please report in with ANYTHING fishy or if you witness a crime, please share the information.

Has anyone heard of or seen any new break-ins since the spree on Labor Day Weekend?


Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a description of the teens casing cars?

Two years ago, there was a "kid" throwing rocks at parked cars on Concord street off of jay. In the two years since, he has spent about 70% of afternoons loitering on stoops on the same block, and frequently has hushed conversations with a large gentleman on the corner.

Transit police use the garage on the block, and are frequently present, as they were on the day (doing nothing) that I witnessed the young man throwing rocks at vehicles. I will attempt to get pictures next time I see him.

epc said...

Wasn't sure if you're still collecting these but I saw my first breakin in months:

Silver Audi Crossover parked on York between Main and Front Street, NY-CAS-2680