Sunday, August 17, 2008

Post from Watch Member: Reporting All Crimes

"As a resident of Vinegar Hill who's been concerned with increased crime in the area, I applaud the efforts of Dumbo Patrol and its participating neighbors. I think that one of the most helpful tactics is the coordination of information, so that we can see what is truly an ongoing problem and not a series of isolated incidents. The nature of crime has become more aggressive than just car break-ins. There are reports of an armed robbery on Hudson Ave. (possibly connected to a similar incident in Brooklyn Heights), bicycle thieves dressing in "police-like" blue uniforms while committing the act, and a mugging at 6:30 AM on a Sunday morning – all in the last week.

I'd like to stress the importance of reporting any and all crimes to NYPD. No matter how pointless it might seem at the time, it needs to go on the books. Otherwise, to the NYPD it never happened and neighborhood is doing just fine. We have to remember to involve the most effective resource that is already in place and better-equipped, legally and logistically, to accomplish what we all want. I don't intend to diminish the efforts of Dumbo Patrol and I encourage everyone to share their incidents and information within this forum, but I think everyone must file a report FIRST before taking any other action.

Additionally, if a responding officer or 911 operator discourages you from filling a report or sending help, be sure to note their badge or operator number and submit a complaint with the 84th Precinct, specifically Capt. Abel. He has been extremely helpful, concerned and attentive in all my personal dealings.

Lastly, every police officer I've come across has encouraged me to use 911 if someone looks suspicious or troublesome. Chances are your instincts are correct, and many police officers view us as the eyes and ears to their enforcement.

Thanks for your concern, efforts and actions!


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