Monday, September 1, 2008

More work than one can handle

Based on the patterns of window smashings while Squarehead was supposedly locked up, and from unconfirmed reports of two teenage perps walking up and down Front Street casing vehicles, it appears that our work is not yet complete. Plus, while staking out Front Street, hoping to get some photos of the perps in action, a middle-aged African American man (thin, medium skinned, short hair, cleanly dressed, wearing glasses) looked into my car, saw me with my camera and ran around the corner to give a "Caw Caw Caw" call, which I took to be a warning to any would-be smashers. While we may have a big victory in hand with Squarehead facing some time, I urge you all to keep your guard up. We'll get these guys too! Keep the watch.


Fratello said...

What about leaving our doors unlocked, with a photocopied notice saying: "Nothing at all in this car"? What about surveillance video cameras? What about leaving baited cars, with surveillance video cameras rolling (my most wicked / frustrated idea). What about rolling one window down if there's no rain? There has got to be a creative solution.

Dumbo Patrol said...

I agree with you, Fratello. Actually, I personally tried several of those things, with no success. We are working on surveillance cameras, but those are a bit more difficult because we need to get building owners' permissions and permits to run power wire on the outside of the building. I wouldn't recommend leaving your doors unlocked, because it opens up the possibility of someone sleeping in your car or worse, waiting in there for you to rob you. Also, there have been car vandals, that seemed more interested in damaging the car for fun than stealing anything.